Share what matters most to you with the angling community.

What the survey is about

Southwick Associates launched the AnglerSurvey in 2006 to help the outdoor equipment industry, state fish & wildlife agencies, and conservation organizations understand what anglers want and need. Survey results reflect the attitudes and habits of anglers across the United States and are analyzed to develop new products, provide better services, and make smarter decisions that help improve public sportfishing opportunities.

At Southwick Associates, we care very much about your privacy. All survey responses are kept strictly confidential and only summaries of the responses are used in reporting.

Why you should participate

AnglerSurvey is used by state fish & wildlife agencies, wildlife conservation organizations, and others to expand sportfishing opportunities for you.

The survey is funded by companies within the fishing community to learn more about sportspeople’s needs and preferences. The results are shared at no cost with conservation and advocacy groups, allowing them to make more informed decisions and advocate for what you care about.

Fishing equipment companies often use the results to improve the products and services offered to anglers.

Each quarter, respondents are entered into a raffle to win one of five $100 gift cards to the outdoor retailer of their choice.

All survey responses are kept completely confidential.

How the survey is used

Quarterly reports are available for purchase, and survey data is often used in projects being completed on behalf of state fish & wildlife agencies, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and others. Here are examples of the data you can help provide:


Take the angler survey for your chance to win one of five gift cards to the outdoor retailer of your choice

About Southwick Associates

Southwick Associates is a market research and economics firm, specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets. For more than 30 years, Southwick Associates has helped the private sector and natural resource agencies make better decisions. We serve fishing tackle, firearm and hunting equipment companies, state fish & wildlife agencies, and non-profit organizations that serve sportspeople and conservation issues.